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Below are excerpts of the official selected Resident Projects for NDSR's 2013-2014 class. The proposals outline the institutions' goals for the residents and the specific responsibilities required by each institution's project.

Click on the titles to see the full proposals in PDF format. Applying residents should read all ten host proposals and then choose their top three for their applications.

All ten proposals can be downloaded in a zip file by clicking here.

Association of Research Libraries

Resident: Molly Schwartz

Developing and Promoting Policies and Services to Make Digital Assets of Research Libraries Accessible
"Strengthen and expand a new initiative on digital accessibility in research libraries by incorporating a universal design approach to library collections and services. A suite of solutions, organizational models, and best practices for the research library community will be compiled so that the research library community may collect, produce, curate, preserve, and make available their digital assets in a fully inclusive and accessible way."

Dumbarton Oaks

Resident: Heidi Dowding

Management and preservation of digital assets at Dumbarton Oaks
"Identify an institutional solution for long-term digital asset management. Compile a detailed inventory of existing digital assets to define scope and inform requirements. Draft an institutional policy for the appraisal and selection of digital content for long-term preservation. Identify system requirements for a digital asset management system (DAMS) through information gathering sessions with key staff across the organization. Evaluate software systems and recommend a DAMS solution based on requirements and reference interviews."

Folger Shakespeare Library

Resident: Jaime McCurry

Born‐Digital Preservation at the Folger Shakespeare Library
"Establish local routines and best practices for archiving and preserving two types of born‐digital material: 1) born‐digital content created by Folger Shakespeare Library staff in support of the institution's mission and 2) born‐digital content collected by the Folger including primary source materials related to Shakespeare productions, interpretations, editions, and criticism to the present."

Library of Congress

Resident: Lee Nilsson

Taking Action to Mitigate Format Obsolescence
"Survey and interview Library of Congress staff from several departments about the digital formats in use, analyze the risk to formats. Study format action plans in use at other organizations. Work with Library staff to develop a template for an action plan that fits the most at‐risk formats. Develop actual format action plans with Library staff."

National Library of Medicine

Resident: Maureen McCormick Harlow

Developing a Thematic Web Archive Collection
"The Resident will create a collection of Web content on a specific theme or topic of interest to the Resident and relevant to NLM collecting strategies, such as medicine and art or the e‐patient movement. The project will involve developing a new Web collection from start to finish, and will include testing and refining anticipated work flows and time frames for the development of a new Web collection. Documentation by the Resident of the processes of creating a new thematic collection will aid in the development of effective workflow and quality control review procedures to optimize the quality of Web collecting at the National Library of Medicine. The work of this project may serve as a case study for the development of a new Web collection and will likely be of great interest to other institutions considering Web collecting initiatives within their own organizations."

National Security Archive

Resident: Julia Blase

The Digital Dissemination Challenge
"The Resident would help us take a snapshot of all Archive activities that involve the capture, preservation and publication of digital assets. Assets may come from the public reading room to analysts' offices, the indexer/cataloger offices to the IT department, where heavy duty scanners and terabyte servers are operated, the directors' offices to the Web masters' files, and those of our partners in other institutions which help us to post mega‐collections on the Internet."


Resident: Lauren Work

Broadcast Media Archive: Appraisal and Evaluation of At‐Risk Media to Support Digitization Initiative
"Develop and apply evaluation tools, define selection criteria, and outline recommended work flows needed to execute a successful analog digitization initiative for a moving image collection resulting in a project plan that will serve as a replicable model and best practices guide for other institutions."

Smithsonian Institution Archives

Resident: Erica Titkemeyer

Time‐based Media Art: Specialized Requirements for Trustworthy Digital Repositories
"Identify the specialized digital curation requirements of time‐based media art (TBMA) and establish a benchmark of best practices in order to produce a recommendation of modified specifications for trustworthy digital repositories that will meet the needs of time‐based media art and conform to the established national and international standards for trustworthy digital repositories (TDR)."

University of Maryland Libraries and Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities

Resident: Margo Padilla

Accessing Born‐Digital Literary Materials

"Create and share a State of the Art Research Report for access models and collection interfaces for born‐digital literary materials. To gather requirements from researchers and library staff for a born‐digital collections interface. To submit recommendations for access policies, reference, and on‐site researcher support for born‐digital collections."

World Bank Group Archives

Resident: Emily Reynolds

eArchives: Memory of the World Bank
"Facilitate and coordinate the World Bank Group's eArchives digitization project, under the direction of World Bank Staff, resulting in the creation of an institutional asset – a digitized and catalogued historical collection of key archival materials representing over 60 years of global development work and experience."