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In this video, prior NDSR hosts and Library of Congress program management provide perspectives on the residency program.

Partnering Institutions of the NDSR

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2015-2016 Host Projects

Below are excerpts of the official selected Resident Projects for NDSR's 2015-2016 class. These projects outline the institutions' goals for the residents and the specific responsibilities required by each institution's project.

Click on the titles to see the full proposals in PDF format. Applying residents should read all five host proposals and then choose their top three for their applications.

The American Institute of Architects

Resident: Valerie Collins

Building Curation into Records Creation: Developing a Digital Repository Program at the American Institute of Architects

"Become an integral part of the AIA’s new comprehensive digital transformation. The NDS Resident will co-lead testing and implementation of an institutional digital repository system at the American Institute of Architects to preserve the AIA’s born-digital records that represent its intellectual capital and/or have permanent value for the history of the architectural profession. The Resident will be involved with the digital transformation team which is charged with transforming AIA’s business processes and resulting technology platforms."

DC Public Library

Resident: Jaime Mears

Personal Digital Preservation Access and Education through the Public Library

"This project will create a sustainable, public-focused lab, tools, and instruction for building public knowledge and skills around the complex and paralyzing problems of personal digital recordkeeping."

Government Publishing Office

Resident: Jessica Tieman

Preparation for Audit and Certification of GPO's FDsys as a Trustworthy Digital Repository

"The Government Publishing Office (GPO) seeks to certify GPO’s Federal Digital System as a Trustworthy Digital Repository, and the resident will conduct an internal audit to help achieve the goal of certification."

National Library of Medicine

Resident: Nicole Contaxis

NLM-Developed Software as Cultural Heritage

"The Resident will create a pilot workflow for the curation, preservation, and presentation of a historically valuable software product, developed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), which is deemed to be historically noteworthy due to its usage by a user community and/or its distinctive technical properties that are at risk of being lost due to obsolescence.  The Resident will be involved in all stages of the process of inventory, selection, curation, preparation and ingest of software files, and creation of a public online presentation of the software that would provide its historical context."

U.S. Senate, Historical Office

Resident: John Caldwell

Improving Digital Stewardship in the U.S. Senate

"The Senate Historical Office seeks a National Digital Stewardship Resident to study and assess current Senate workflows in appraisal, management, ingest, description and transfer of Senate committee digital assets into the Congressional Records Instance of the National Archives’ Electronic Records Archive, and Senators’ digital assets into academic and institutional repositories, benchmarking current policies against best practices."