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Host Applicants

 NDSR Washington, D.C. seeks institutions in the D.C. Metro area to host recent master's or higher degree residents.  Doctoral candidates will also be considered.  These residents will work onsite at partner institutions starting in September 2016 on well-defined digital stewardship projects. Residents are paid directly by the program with funding from IMLS administered by the Library of Congress for the year-long residency. Participation in this program will offer host institutions:

  • the energy and insight of highly-qualified and motivated residents, selected from a national pool of applicants
  • the opportunity to help create a model for a prestigious residency experience in digital stewardship
  • the chance to be an integral part of a collaborative network of host institutions seeking to strengthen the nation's ability to manage, preserve, and make accessible its digital assets
  • the opportunity to help inspire and mentor emerging leaders in the field.


Host applications for the 2016-2017 NDSR Washington, D.C. program has been extended and are now due on February 12, 2016 by midnight (ignore the earlier date in the application form), and must be submitted in one email to with the subject “[HOST INSTITUTION NAME] HOST APPLICATION.” 

Please click on the following links for examples of current projects, instructions and application forms.

Sample Project Descriptions

Host Commitment Checklist [PDF]

CLICK HERE TO APPLY: Host Application and Instructions [PDF]


Information for resident application process will be available soon.