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Video - Behind the NDSR

This video provides an overview and background on the NDSR program.

Behind the NDSR

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The Residency

For Potential Residents

Residents in the program work on a digital stewardship project, or series of projects, in one of many Washington, D.C. institutions. The project(s) allow them to acquire hands-on knowledge and skills involving the collection, selection, management, longā€term preservation, and accessibility of digital assets.

The NDSR program helps aspiring professionals gain digital stewardship expertise by providing opportunities to:

  • Work with individuals and institutions leading major digital stewardship efforts.
  • Strengthen their professional network in the field of digital stewardship.
  • Work with a cohort of fellow residents, who share professional interests.
  • Get an overview of innovative approaches and tools for the preservation and management of digital assets.
  • Complete a significant project that can enhance their professional portfolio.

The Residency

The NDSR program allows recent graduates of master's and doctoral programs in relevant fields to complete a residency at various institutions in the Washington, D.C. area. Doctoral candidates will also be considered. Candidates accepted to the residency program complete an intensive digital stewardship immersion workshop at the Library of Congress. Residents then transfer to selected host institutions to work on digital stewardship projects that complement their learning objectives. Residents receive a bi-weekly stipend to cover living expenses as well as funding for professional development opportunities.

Throughout this educational experience, residents attend a series of invited guest lectures, present and discuss their work regularly, and actively participate in the collaborative educational community established by the residency program. Residents also have the opportunity to present their project work to a national audience at a professional conference.

Immersion Workshop

During the program residents participate in an intensive digital stewardship immersion workshop at the Library of Congress. The workshop provides Residents with the opportunity to learn and become more familiar with the various components of digital stewardship and topical areas necessary for success in the residency.