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NDIIPP Partners Meeting
June 24-26, 2009
Washington, DC

Plenary Sessions

Wednesday June 24, 2009

Thursday June 25, 2009

Friday June, 26, 2009

Demonstrations & Posters

  • ISO/IEC JTC/1 Digital Content Management and Protection on Digital Data Preservation
    Wo Chang, NIST
  • ACE – Long Term Monitoring and Integrity Checking Software
    Mike Smorul, UMIACS
  • Name This! Extracting Named Entities for Preservation of Metadata
    Patricia Hswe, UIUC
  • NDIIPP Access Project: Recollection
    Eric Miller & Uche Ogbuji, Zepheira
  • K-12 Web Archiving Project
    Molly Bragg & Kristine Hanna, Internet Archive
    Deborah Rossum & Rebecca Tejral, SCOLA

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Breakout Sessions

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