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The relatively new field of digital-information management is reliant on individuals and organizations that are willing to embark on cutting-edge programs that lead others to follow their examples. This section provides a portal to feature articles on that provide an in-depth look at the institutions and people, including the Library of Congress, who are working to further the field of digital preservation.

Digital Preservation Pioneers

This section regularly presents a profile of a digital preservation pioneers and how that individual's or organization's work enriches the work that all libraries and other repositories are doing to collect and preserve our digital heritage.

Meeting the Challenge

While the Library of Congress alone cannot collect, preserve and make available all the digital information that is worth saving and is at risk of loss, the Library is meeting the challenge of digital preservation in many different ways. Here are a few things happening at the Library.

On the Leading Edge

The On the Leading Edge articles focus on organizations in the United States and around the world that are working on innovative approaches to digital preservation and access. Future articles will examine institutions, partnerships and projects that are breaking new ground with tools, services, policies or best practices.

The K-12 Web Archiving Project

Through the K12 web archiving program, students archive websites that represent their lives and interests. In the spring of 2010, a team from the Library of Congress visited one of the program's participating classes and interviewed the students and their teacher. Here are two videos derived from those interviews.