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The On the Leading Edge articles focus on organizations that are working on innovative approaches to digital preservation and access.  Future articles will examine institutions, partnerships and projects that are breaking new ground with tools, services, policies or best practices.  Activities from the United States and around the world will be discussed.  Stories will also consider work with different categories of digital information, including cultural heritage materials, scientific data and public policy content.

Digital Lives

The Digital Lives project reports that preservation of personal digital collections deserves more attention and libraries need to promote the importance of personal digital archiving and offer education and solutions to the public.


DigitalPreservationEurope, a consortium of European institutions, uses innovative strategies for educational outreach, such as cartoons and cash-prize contests.

The National Library of the Netherlands

In 2003, the National Library of the Netherlands (KB) launched e-Depot, which became a model for electronic deposit systems. Now the KB is becoming a large-scale digital library.

The National Library of New Zealand

The National Library of New Zealand has made wise choices that have resulted in an exemplary cyberinfrastructure and national digital library.


In 2006, 16 of Europe's major cultural and technological institutions pooled their digital-preservation expertise and resources to develop the best possible stewardship over their digital collections. The result is Planets, a comprehensive framework and suite of tools for long-term digital preservation and access.