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Lead Partner: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Information and Library Science

The VidArch project seeks ways to preserve a video work's contextual information along with its essence, thus making it more understandable and accessible to future generations. The project began with support from the Library of Congress-NSF Research Awards, and received a second round of NDIIPP funding to focus on harvesting and analyzing YouTube videos related to the U.S. Presidential Election of 2008.


  • Identify and preserve election-related digital video collections from YouTube and selected blogs
  • Identify and capture important digital video metadata and contextual information that makes search, access and interpretation possible
  • Analyze the correlation between user behaviors on social video sites to explore interesting connections with real-life events, and to inform digital video curatorial policies.
  • Provide a digital video curator’s toolkit that is largely automated and easy to use

More detailed project information can be found at the Project Web site (external link)