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The network of collecting and preserving partners has identified tools and services that are needed to preserve digital content. One of the most important services is storage for large volumes of files. Others include tools to work with metadata, tools to examine and verify file formats. Several partners within the network are testing and demonstrating these tools and services.

Library of Congress-NSF Research Awards

On May 4, 2005, the Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program and the National Science Foundation awarded 10 university teams a total of $3 million to undertake pioneering research to support the long-term management of digital information. These awards are the outcome of a partnership between the two agencies to develop the first digital-preservation research grants program.

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Project descriptions

Introductory presentations from each of the projects were made at the Principal Investigator's meeting held during dg.o2005 (external link) the sixth National Conference on Digital Government Research, May 17, 2005.
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