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Rick Zuray

Rick Zuray is a Technical Principal and has been with the Boeing Company for over 30 years working in the Quality, CAD/CAM/CAI, Industry Data Standards and Research & Development spaces. For the past 20 years Rick has been involved in Industry Data Standards support which includes: long term archival & retrieval of digital product and technical data, product life-cycle support, and data exchange methodologies. Rick co-chairs the LOTAR International consortium which is made up of the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) AeroSpace & Defense Industries Association of Europe-Standardization (ASD-Stan), PDES, Inc. and ProSTEP iViP. This working group is writing a series of International Aerospace Standards designed to provide the capability to store, manage, exchange and distribute digital product and technical information in a standard neutral form that can be read and reused throughout its life-cycle, independent of changes in the IT application environment originally used to create it. Rick also co-chairs the ISO 10303-239 ed3 project which supports the development of the Product Life-Cycle Support (PLCS) application protocol. Rick also chairs the AIA Engineering Mgt Committee (EMC) LOTAR project, is a Boeing rep to the ISO TC 184/SC4 WG12, 21 and 22, and is the Boeing rep for the Project Management Team (PMT) under PDES, Inc. Rick is currently involved in the development of ISO 10303-242 ed2 where he serves on the Process Steering Board and is the team leader for the 3D Mechanical and PMI working group.