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This site is hosted by the Library of Congress and presents information about the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) and its initiatives. While NDIIPP is no longer an active program at the Library of Congress, its success is evident in the diverse and mature digital preservation community that is now thriving in the United States. Details about the origin and history of the program are available at Background and Reports. An archived version of the site is available at the Internet Archive (This page best viewed from the Summer of 2018 or earlier).

The Library of Congress is actively committed to developing, following and promoting effective methods for digital content management, organization, preservation, and access; conducting and encouraging research in digital preservation sciences and technologies; and building relationships with stakeholder communities to share digital collections management information, practices, and resources. The Library’s digital collections management activities and available informational resources are distributed among the institutions listed below.

  • For information about current digital preservation activities at the Library of Congress, please visit: Digital Preservation
  • For information about the Library of Congress Digital Strategy, please visit: Digital Strategy
  • For information about meetings, including presentations from past and current Digital Preservation Meetings and the Annual Storage Architectures Meeting, please visit: Meetings and Events
  • For information about the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education program, please visit the, or contact [email protected]
  • For information about the National Digital Stewardship Residency (NDSR) program, please visit the NDSR, or contact [email protected]
  • For past and current events on Collections as Data and related initiatives, please visit: Labs Events
  • For general inquires about the Library’s digital collections program and activities, please visit: Ask a Librarian