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NDSA logoThe Annual Innovation Awards were established by the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) to recognize and encourage innovation in the field of digital preservation stewardship. These awards highlight and commend creative individuals, projects, organizations, and future stewards demonstrating originality and excellence in their contributions to the field of digital preservation. The program is administered by a committee drawn from members of the NDSA Innovation Working Group.


These awards will focus on recognizing excellence in one or more of the following areas:

  • Individuals making a significant, innovative contribution to the digital preservation community.
  • Projects whose goals or outcomes represent an inventive, meaningful addition to the understanding or processes required for successful, sustainable digital preservation stewardship.
  • Organizations taking an innovative approach to providing support and guidance to the digital preservation community.
  • Future stewards, especially students, but including educators, trainers, or curricular endeavors taking a creative approach to advancing knowledge of digital preservation issues and practices.

The 2014 NDSA Innovation Award Winners

  • Institution:National Software Reference Library, National Institute for Standards and Technology.
  • Project: XFR STN, The New Museum.
  • Individual:Trevor Muñoz, Assistant Dean for Digital Humanities Research at the University of Maryland Libraries and an Associate Director of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities. 
  • Future Steward: Emily Reynolds, National Digital Stewardship Resident, The World Bank.

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