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Course Details

June 10th, 2013 to June 14th, 2013
Charlottesville, Virginia

This course will introduce students to the challenges of preserving and providing access to the class of cultural heritage and archival matter known as “born-digital.” Born-digital materials are those that began their life on a computer, rather than as digitized surrogates of real-world primary sources. Contemporary collections of “papers” are often therefore hybrid collections, with disks, CDs, tapes, and sometimes entire computers commingling with more traditional kinds of archival content. (The implications of President Obama’s well-publicized use of a Blackberry device for the Presidential Records Act are one example.) Archivists are also considering how to preserve records created and stored in the cloud—including blogs, tweets, avatars, Facebook pages, and Google Docs.  While this course will focus mainly on examples drawn from literature, culture, and the arts, the basic principles will be applicable to many other domains, including government, public policy, industry, science, and medicine..

Course Format: On Site
Address: Alderman Library at University of Virginia
Duration: 5 Days
Audience Category: Archivists, manuscript curators, and others charged with managing this important new class of cultural record, as well as those scholars who might expect to make use of born-digital material in their research
Level: Beginner
Instructor(s): Matthew Kirschenbaum and Naomi Nelson 
Maximum Attendees:
Cost Range: $1095-1195
Provider: Rare Book School
Sponsored by: University of Virginia

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