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Thu, Jan 27, 2011 through Tue, Jan 27, 2015 
Web Seminar

Do you have a basic understanding of electronic records, but need an extra push to begin addressing the issue? Then attend this 90-minute intermediate Electronic Records web seminar from the convenience of your office, classroom, or meeting room. Or, incorporate this seminar into your meeting as one of the education sessions!

This seminar focuses on systems that any archives must put in place to ensure it can manage electronic records. And it will cover how to prepare for and address a still uncertain future concerning the management of electronic record

Course Format: Online
Duration: 90-Minutes
Audience Category: Archivists and others who have a basic understanding of electronic records
Level: Intermediate
Instructor(s): Geoffrey A. Huth, MA , MLS
Maximum Attendees:
Cost Range: $145-175
Provider: The Society of American Archivists
Sponsored by:

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