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Course Details

August 21 - 22, 2012

Metadata is a fundamental element of any digitization project. This class is designed for non-catalogers who are planning for access and preservation of digital materials. This introduces the use of METS as a container for metadata and digital content. It explores XML descriptive metadata schemes, how access to digital material may be implemented using METS, and reviews preservation metadata, including format-specific technical metadata.

Learning Outcomes

Outline how METS facilitates access and preservation to digital materials Understand how features of XML structure are used to package metadata and content Review different metadata schemes to provide descriptive and preservation related metadata within the METS structure, including Dublin Core, MODS, PREMIS and technical metadata schemes such as MIX, TextMD, audio and video schemes.

Course Format: Online
Duration: 2 hour
Audience Category: Practical (Hands-on)
Level: Basic
Maximum Attendees:
Cost Range: $101-$300
Provider: LYRASIS
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