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Course Details

Chicago, Illinois

Digital archives require professional curatorial practices just as paper archives do! In this course you’ll discover the differences and similarities between curating paper and electronic records, a system of best practices for digital curation, and review what any institution needs to implement to ensure the success of its own digital curation.

Upon completion of this course you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the components of team building and digital curation that are necessary to begin working towards a curation prototype in your institution.
  • Pinpoint areas to invest in locally to build knowledge and skills to meet the needs of a digital repository program at your institution.
  • Review existing digital repository characteristics that best illustrate roads to success.
  • Gain access to resources, guides, models, and best practices relevant to the digital curation/repository landscape.
  • Recognize and establish relationships within your organization to achieve a digital archives repository program.


Course Format: On Site
Address: Richard J. Daley Library, University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL
Duration:  8 hours
Audience Category: Practitioners, Managers, Librarians, Museum Professionals, and Administrators who’ll be asked to design a digital archives or need to improve the operation of such an archives.
Level: Intermediate Practical
Instructor(s): Jackie R Esposito
Maximum Attendees: 35
Cost Range: 189-299
Provider: The Society of American Archivists
Sponsored by: Association of Research Libraries

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