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Lead Partner: Washington State Archives

Project Dates: 2007-2011

Additional Partners: A complete listing of the project partners can be found at the partners viewshare

As the number of government records created and stored in computer-based information systems increases at an exponential pace, states face the formidable challenge of managing digital records with long-term legal, historical and fiscal value. These documents reflect the day-to-day business of state government, and are crucial elements of each state's history and culture. This project developed a centralized regional repository for state and local digital information. By implementing a cost-effective interstate technological archiving system, the project demonstrated a scalable approach to preserving and making available at-risk digital government information. Content included vital records, land ownership and use documentation, court records and Web-based state and local government reports.

This work plan focused on the preservation and provision of access to records and documents from two types of state institutions: state archives and state libraries. The proposal focused on the creation of a centralized regional repository that will leverage the existing infrastructure, hardware and software system developed at the Washington State Digital Archives.

More detailed project information can be found at the Project Web site.(external site)


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