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Lead Partner: Stanford University Libraries

NDIIPP is supporting Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe and Controlled Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe, both of which are based at Stanford University Libraries.  LOCKSS is an international community initiative that provides preserving institutions with tools and support to collect and preserve their own copies of authorized e-content.  CLOCKSS is a collaborative, community initiative to provide a decentralized and secure solution to long-term archiving, based on the LOCKSS technical infrastructure.


  • Develop Private LOCKSS Networks among several NDIIPP partners to provide a peer-to-peer infrastructure for redundant, geographically distributed data storage
  • Develop enhancements to LOCKSS scope and functionality in collaboration with NDIIPP partners
  • Explore the potential applicability of LOCKSS/CLOCKSS technologies to a variety of initiatives and projects that support the overall goals of NDIIPP.

More detailed project information can be found at the Project Web site (external link).