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Lead Partner: BMS/Chace (external link)
Additional Partners: Sony BMG Music, Universal Music Group, EMI Group, Disney Music Group and the Producers and Engineers Wing of the The Recording Academy.

The adoption of digital recording has virtually eliminated the vital documentation once associated with the analog recording process. At the same time digital recording has created tremendous unrealized potential to create and maintain all key information about a recording throughout its life cycle. This project focuses on creating a standardized approach for gathering and managing metadata for recorded music and developing software models to assist creators and owners in collecting the data. A standardized metadata environment will allow content creators, record labels, individuals and cultural heritage institutions to document, archive and manage "born digital" recordings effectively.


  • Analyze typical workflow, object and data package models, file integrity elements, identifiers, and metadata subsets to create and an XML schema for multi-track sound recordings.
  • Build a metadata-collection application


BMS Chace