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New LC video on personal archiving

July 26, 2010 -- The Library of Congress has released a new video that addresses the challenge of personal digital archiving.
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Archive-It Tuned Into Customers

July 26, 2010 -- Kristine Hanna, director of web archiving services at the Internet Archive, talks about the latest release of the Archive-It application.
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Putting Metadata on the Map

July 26, 2010 -- Jenn Riley, metadata librarian in the Indiana University Digital Library Program, created an inforgraphic of metadata standards.
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NDIIPP as Constant Companion

July 26, 2010 -- Barrie Howard is the newest staff member of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program.
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Snapshots on File Formats

July 26, 2010 -- An article in the Spring 2010 issue of Information Standards Quarterly focused on the Federal Agencies Digitiziation Guidelines Initiative and current digital reformatting practices for audio-visual records.
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New LC podcast on preserving digital video

July 16, 2010 -- Audiovisual archivist Linda Tadic offers practical solutions for preserving digital video.
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