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Battling Link Rot

June 30, 2009 -- A Chesapeake Project Legal Information Archive report illustrates the severity of link rot: the tendency of web hyperlinks to become invalid over time.
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Digital Preservation in the Round

June 30, 2009 -- The 2009 annual Special Libraries Association conference featured a session entitled "Digital Preservation: Discovery in the Round."
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Web Preservationists Meet

June 11, 2009 -- The annual International Internet Preservation Consortium General Assembly, held at the Library and Archives Canada from May 4-7, 2009, focused on activities of the three working groups.
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Get Smart about Photography Metadata

June 11, 2009 -- Stock Artists Alliance, a partner of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, has launched a website to promote industry-wide use of metadata in digital images.
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WARC Digital Container Format is Now an ISO Standard

June 4, 2009 -- The WARC file format is now approved as an international standard.
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Issue of "Library Trends" Focuses on NDIIPP Results

June 4, 2009 -- The Winter 2009 issue of "Library Trends" provides a broad overview of results from NDIIPP.
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