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July 23, 2009 -- The Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program has launched a pilot program to test cloud technologies for preserving digital content. The pilot will focus on using a new service, DuraCloud, developed and hosted by the DuraSpace Foundation (external link).

DuraSpace logoCloud technologies use remote computers to provide local services through the Internet. Duracloud will let an institution provide data storage and access without having to maintain its own dedicated technical infrastructure.

Among the NDIIPP partners participating in the pilot program are the New York Public Library (external link) and the Biodiversity Heritage Library. (external link)  The test will cover both storage and access services, including content replication and monitoring services that span multiple cloud-storage providers.

DuraCloud is aimed at helping institutions and individuals take advantage of cloud technologies in providing access to their digital materials. DuraCloud is focused on providing trusted solutions for organizations such as universities, libraries, cultural heritage organizations, research centers and others who are concerned with ensuring perpetual access to their digital content.