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Digital Preservation Program Adds New Partners To Preserve State Government Digital Information: Digital Preservation Network Grows to More Than 100 with New Partners

January 27, 2008 -- Twenty-one states, working in four multi-state demonstration projects, are joining NDIIPP in an initiative to catalyze collaborative efforts to preserve important state government information in digital form.
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Arizona States Project Kicks Off

January 17, 2008 -- Some of the Library's newest partners in its program to collect and preserve at-risk digital information held a kickoff meeting on January 17, 2008 at the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records.
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Office of Strategic Initiatives Strategic Plan Released

January 1, 2008 -- The Library's Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI), the division that oversees NDIIPP, has issued its Strategic Plan covering the 2008-2013 fiscal years. The plan is intended as a living document that will guide OSI as it develops programs, plans and strategies for the Library of Congress's digital future.
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