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Storage Community Convenes at the Library

Building on its mandate to engage the private sector on the importance of digital preservation, the Library of Congress convened the Designing Storage Architectures for Preservation Collections meeting in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 17-18, 2007.

The meeting fostered a discussion among the technical storage community, the digital preservation community and Library staff to consider a range of issues related to the physical storage of digital collections, with a special goal to give the technical storage community exposure to the needs of the digital preservation community.

Martha Anderson, the acting director of NDIIPP, noted that not all of the Library of Congress partners are focusing on the use of storage, but that "storage" was the second-biggest budgetary line item after "staff" in a recent survey of the NDIIPP partners. "Storage is at the core of digital preservation efforts," she noted, "and you don't have anything if you don't have a place to store the bits."

More than 70 people participated in the event, including representatives from current NDIIPP partners and significant representation from the private sector technical community.