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Laura Campbell Recognized as Laureate by Computerworld Honors Program

NC OneMapLaura E. Campbell, associate librarian for Strategic Initiatives and chief information officer for the Library of Congress, on June 4 received the prestigious 2007 EMC Information Leadership Award from the Computerworld Honors Program. The award was presented during the 19th Annual Laureates Medal Ceremony & Gala Awards Evening at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington. For almost two decades, Computerworld Honors has acknowledged those individuals and organizations that have used information technology to benefit society.

"I am honored to receive the EMC Information Leadership Award, and I feel privileged to lead such innovative and important work for the largest and most accessible library in the world," said Campbell. "Hundreds of Library staff as well as our external partners have collaborated on our digital programs, and they have played a key role in their success." Campbell, who is also the Library's chief information officer, leads the Library's National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (, which is leading the nation in the collection and preservation of important born-digital content that would otherwise be lost. She also leads the National Digital Library Program, which offers more than 22 million items on the Library's various award-winning Web sites at

More information about this award is available via the press release.

Public Television Project Spearheads Digital Preservation Archive

Association of Public Television StationsThe Association of Public Television Stations (external link) (APTS), a nonprofit membership organization that supports the continued growth and development of noncommercial television in the United States, is supporting the concepts of preservation and access as an important extension of public broadcasting. Earlier this year, the APTS began promoting the American Archive, proposed as a central clearinghouse for the archiving, cataloging and clearing of performance rights and for providing access to unique public programming content. The archive will also leverage the technical capabilities of the new Public Broadcasting System (PBS) interconnection system.

The APTS cites two activities that underlie the American Archive. One of these is the ongoing National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program project that brings together stations WGBH (Boston) and WNET (Thirteen, New York), PBS and New York University. The other is work carried out by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Digital Rights Working Group.

June 2007 NDIIPP Partners Meeting

The partners in the Library's National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) have been coming to Washington to meet since January 2005, when they held the first of their semiannual get-togethers. They came again this year, albeit in June, and this time they not only held their meeting but also provided some public relations to attendees at the Annual Meeting of the American Library Association, who were also in Washington.