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National Digital Initiatives was created in 2015 to broaden awareness of innovation at the Library of Congress and to grow the use of its digital resources through outreach and external partnerships. NDI has three strategic goals:

  • Expand the use of the Library‚Äôs digital resources by reaching more visitors, exploring innovative uses of the collections, and embracing new audiences;
  • Promote the Library as a digital innovator by publicizing the exciting work of the Library and incubating innovative projects;
  • Grow the national capacity for cultural memory by working effectively with the cultural heritage community on tools, standards and partnerships.

NDI is a division of the National Programs directorate in the National and International Outreach service unit. NDI staff members blog on The Signal.

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We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other organizations. If you are interested in working together or having us speak at your event, email [email protected].