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Posted Date: 12/05/12
Running Time: 00:28:33

Digital Preservation 2012 speaker David Weinberger is a senior researcher at the Berkman Center, Harvard University. Weinberger is the co-author of "The Cluetrain Manifesto," which cut through the hype and told business what the Web was really about. His next book, "Small Pieces Loosely Joined," put the Internet in its deepest context. His previous book, "Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder," explains how the new rules for organizing ideas and information are transforming business and culture. Weinberger has been a frequent commentator on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered." He's written for the "Fortune 500" of business and tech journals, including The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, The Miami Herald, The Boston Globe, USA Today, The Guardian, and Wired. Weinberger has a Ph.D. in philosophy and is a Senior Researcher at the prestigious Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society and is Co-Director of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, and was a Franklin Fellow at the United States State Department (2010-12).