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Posted Date: 11/25/14
Running Time:00:37:00

Media artist and digital culturist Dragan Espenschied spoke at the 2014 Digital Preservation meeting. Dragan Espenschied is a media artist, digital culture researcher and 8-bit musician living in New York City. Starting out as a net activist in the late 1990s, he created several online interventions concerned with power structures and live network traffic analysis and manipulation together with Alvar Freude. Espenschied focuses on the historization of digital culture from the perspective of computer users rather than hackers, developers or inventors and together with net art pioneer Olia Lialina has created a significant body of work concerned with how to represent and write a culture-centric history of the networked age. Since 2011, he has been restoring and culturally analyzing 1TB of Geocities data, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.