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Posted Date: 12/05/12
Running Time: 00:42:33


Digital Preservation 2012 keynote speaker Anil Dash is an entrepreneur, technologist and writer acknowledged as a "blogging pioneer" by the New Yorker for having started his site in 1999 as one of the earliest and most influential blogs on the Internet. Today his work focuses on applying the pioneering techniques and technologies of the startup world in order to transform major institutions in society and culture.

Dash is cofounder of Activate, a strategy consulting firm which helps the world's major media and technology companies reinvent their businesses, and cofounder and CEO of ThinkUp, a new startup which helps make more meaningful connections in social networks. Dash also has a monthly column in Wired magazine which explores the intersection of consumers and technology companies. In addition, Dash is an active advisor to several of the most prominent and innovative technology startups and non-profit organizations.

Dash is a member of the board of the popular question-and-answer site Stack Exchange and sits on the board of the New York Tech Meetup which serves as the political and social hub for the New York technology community.