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New York NY

What do you need to know to preserve born-digital materials successfully once they've crossed the archives threshold? With an emphasis on modern records and technology, you'll learn about the concepts and competencies you need to construct and administer digital archives. You'll examine accepted digital archives models and implementations and emerging standards of practice, as well as preservation metadata schemas and their use in digital archives. Upon completion of this course you'll be able to: Describe core concepts – best practices, vocabulary, and standards – related to preserving digital archives; Take the steps necessary to plan a digital preservation program; Discuss the basics of technical and preservation metadata, including relevant standards and tools; and, Identify a range of digital preservation systems and establish a set of criteria for evaluating them.

Course Format: On Site
Address: National Archives, Learning Center (Room 334) located at One Bowling Green in New York, NY
Duration: 8 hours
Audience Category: Archivists, records managers, and other information professionals who are or will be responsible for the preservation of born-digital materials.
Level: Practical
Instructor(s): Kelcy Shepherd
Maximum Attendees: 30
Cost Range: $185-285
Provider: The Society of American Archivists
Sponsored by: The Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York 

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